Cycling East Orlando

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To provide an interactive platform for cyclists in East Orlando to gain reliable information regarding safety, effeciency, and convenience when cycling.


Imagine you’re thinking about taking up cycling as a new hobby, but you don’t know where to start. You hear about all the accidents that happen to avid cyclists and no one seems to know how to fix the problem. Resources about the hobby seem very scarce and you wouldn’t even know where to begin as far as where to go for safe routes. Fortunately, others have been in the same foot pedals as you and have collaborated together in order to create a map specifically to help find solutions for these problems. The East Orlando bike map offers something for the whole spectrum of cyclists, from those who want to find safe trails or roads to bike on recreationally, to those who are avid cyclists and want to partake in committees and discussions to improve transportation awareness.

‘Cycling East Orlando’ is color-schemed. The roads marked in red are dangerous, and should be avoided if possible.

Most of the roads are yellow. Cyclists always face a certain amount of danger when interacting with other forms of traffic because bikes are both faster and less maneuverable than pedestrians are and much less safe for the cyclist than a car is for the motorist. Thus, cyclists should always make a point of being well aware of their surroundings.

Green is reserved for the trails and roads with generously sized bike and pedestrian lanes/low speed limits.

  • Always remember to be safe and use caution when biking. Ah yes, and don’t forget to enjoy the great outdoors!

From the cycling team:

Stacey Dale

Chase Flavin

Giselle Roman

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