UCF Bike Racks

Go ahead and check out our “UCF Bike Racks Map” by taking some time to read the different points, each of which focuses on a separate topic with pictures, links, and cyclist quotes. This information may affect you directly or indirectly, but hopefully something you read will spark a question, raise awareness, or enact a change. Look at this map not as simply a project we did in our Rhetoric and Civic Engagement class, but as the beginning of a collaborative effort to educate, advocate, and prevent the safety concerns centered around transportation on the UCF campus. This means you have the ability to add points, share stories, and tie up any loose ends you may find, while also digging through the various outlets to find your own place for further activism. Got a question? Want to get involved? Join the Facebook group “UCF Bike Racks” and email us at: ucfbikeracks@gmail.com.

Click on image to open up interactive map! ➚

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