Greater Orlando Commuters

Our Orlando commuter map focuses on a few aspects of transportation that pertain to UCF and beyond. We provide the commuter map to outline efficient travel routes to UCF, dangerous intersections to be cautiously navigated, and what one solution, the Sunrail, could do to alleviate some of the traffic burdens in the city. Together, our maps consider the following:

-The possibility of alternative transportation, and the importance of Sunrail and the effect that it will have on the lives of citizens in Orlando, and Central Florida area. Part of this map will have a specific focus on the effects it will have on employment, economic impact, and the freedom it will give to commuters.

-For those who aren’t familiar with the greater Orlando area,the best way to get to UCF can be a daunting and confusing task. Part of this commuter map was designed to serve those who will be required to travel from the Disney, Dr. Phillips (Southwest Orlando) and metro west areas to the greater UCF area. There is a point for each area, points of traffic congestion, connection to the expressways, toll plazas, and costs as well as gas stations.

-Orlando is a dangerous place for commuters. Poor design and high traffic has led to several dangerous intersections which are identified by officials and news agencies. Here we share some intersections identified as real dangers in traveling around Orlando.

Click on image to open up interactive map!

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