Roadside Memorials

Our Mission

To enlighten residents in Orlando about the importance of taking responsibility while using transportation in the hopes to decrease accidents and save lives.

Loved Ones Last Mark
A memorial marks the last place on earth where a person was alive – these roadside visuals are a statement of grief and love from the loved ones of the accident victim(s). Take a second and reflect on the innocent lives lost due to transportation. When you roll your cursor over the purple pin drop on the map it will showcase a picture of the accident along with a description of what happened. If you want to learn more about the incident that took a life of a student then click on the link within the description. Following that, you will find a pro and con of what student’s at the University of Central Florida think about memorial sites and the safety precautions the Department of Transportation currently take. As you embark on your next ride, use this map to access safe, enjoyable and resourceful paths.


Your life and the lives around you are in your hands. One wrong move can determine your future.

Click on image to open up interactive map! ➚

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