UCF Shuttle System

The Problem
The UCF shuttle system is an efficient and convenient method to get to campus for students living off-campus in university affiliated housing. The routes provided run on weekdays as early as 6:30am to as late as 10pm. Unfortunately, the information about the shuttle system that is provided does not specify the routes and stops that are utilized, or their location. This can be very confusing for those that are currently, as well as those that will be, using the shuttle system. Some recurring issues are that signs are hidden and locations aren’t specific on the UCF shuttle map. This makes the map difficult to interact with and challenging to read.

Our Solution
Click on image to open up interactive map! ➚

By viewing the interactive map you will be able to see the legend for the map. The start point of the routes are numbered and color coded, as well as the corresponding route taken and stops made. We hope that this map aids in filling information gaps. Remember, it is interactive! Feel free to add either pictures or further detail in regards to stop locations and route information.


  • To influence UCF Parking Services to create a more interactive shuttle map in order to further promote the use of the UCF shuttle system
  • For first time users to further understand the shuttle system
  • To broaden the use of the shuttles system in order to alleviate parking and traffic problems; and to reduce pedestrian, cyclists, and car accidents


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