Student Profiles of Civic Engagement


Civic engagement. When you see that word, you may be thinking back to volunteer work in high school. You may be remembering that one annoying, way-too-good class president. You may have been that class president (sorry buddy). But whatever these two words conjure for you, you may also be wondering what civic engagement actually includes, how it is defined, and who or what decides these definitions. You may consider civic engagement as the active participation of an individual within a society for the benefit and growth of the community, or something along those lines. This is all good and well, but with the term “individual,” you immediately feel distanced and separate, like I’m addressing another you besides yourself. But no, we’re talking to you right now, and together we are going to explore how each of us can become integrated, involved, and engaged in our communities.

Below you will find stories about UCF students who have become engaged in their community. They give valuable, helpful advice about how you too can become involved.

Alex Sargent

Matthew Wetzel: ROTC

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